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Our History

The Open Lake Group, LLC was founded in 1992 by Capt. Wade P. Streeter. Capt. Streeter saw a need to provide a variety of services to the Great Lakes maritime community and made it a mission to do so in as many ways as possible.

Capt. Streeter began his Great Lakes career in 1985 at 15 years old as a deckhand aboard the venerable harbor tug Frederick T. Kellers on the Saginaw River. This led to him eventually becoming a partner in American Tug & Transit/Ferriss Marine Contracting until the death of the principal partner in 2008, after which the company was disbanded.

The Open Lake Group managed Ferriss Marine during the last 8 years it was in operation providing crewing, compliance, maintenance and assisting with administrative services. Other services to the industry have included photography (vessel and job site photos), courier services, crewing, crew transportation, and delivery of supplies. In recent years, consulting with other towing companies has also been a specialty of the Open Lake Group, as well as a brief period consulting for the movie industry on marine-related matters.

Listed below are some of the companies for which Capt. Streeter and the Open Lake Group have done business:

Ferriss Marine Contracting, Inc.
J.W. Westcott Company
Central Marine Logistics
Gaelic Tugboat Company
ABCD Marine
Remains LLC
PSC Crane and Rigging
Medusa Cement Company
Columbia Transportation Company

American Tug & Transit Company
Marine Publishing Company
Faust Corporation
Selvick Marine Towing
Five Lakes Marine
Sea & Ski Marine Supply
TGL Marine Holdings
Interlake Steamship Company
Chris Engel's Greenhouse

In July of 2017, Capt. Streeter again added towing to the company's capabilities with the purchase of the tug Cheyenne. The Cheyenne is a versatile tug capable of open lake towing, harbor towing and its specialty, Erie Canal towing. The Open Lake Group has additional construction and transportation businesses we can partner with to provide a seamless solution to your transportation and construction needs.

We look forward to assisting your business with our many services.